Las Vegas Stip Surprise Proposal

November 11, 2013

This was such a fun shoot as Matt had contacted me weeks prior to his trip to Vegas to set me up to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend. They would be taking a trip to Las Vegas and he planned to propose in front of the Bellagio fountains. I was just an observer and had to stand in the background as she didn’t know it was coming. It was so sweet and as Matt and I gave each other the signal (eye wink) and the fountains went off, he dropped to one knee and the tears were a flowing from there.

Alicia was so surprised and she was so cute that she just had tears of happiness flowing down her face. It was such a neat thing to capture on film.

After Alicia got over the shock of the surprise vowel renewal and the fact that she was being photographed throughout the whole thing we walked around some nice spots to capture some more photos for them to have as keepsakes. Such a great idea and “props” to Matt for pulling it off. As a side note he did call me the morning of a little worried about getting everything pulled off and worried she was going to find out what was going on because he was having to leave the room to orchestrate our plan. All in all he left me with butterflies for the whole day too just hoping the plan would play out. We were lucky that it did and couldn’t have turned out more perfect.

Here are some photos of there session after the big moment.

This is one of those love stories where guy is instantly in love and the girl is not interested, she turned down his requests for dates time and time again, even after he sent her her very first dozen roses, she wasn’t interested in dating, but they remained friends. Alicia enjoyed their friendship over the years until one day her friend begged her to come to a party that Matt was at, of course Matt was instantly drawn to her as he had been over the years but this time Alicia noticed that she loved the attention he gave her. They hit it off that night  and shared stories and from then on they started the rest of their lives together. She did save that bouquet of roses and it is still dried in her bedroom to this day. So sweet, well Matt definitely know how to keep her happy and she is such a sweet girl. They make a beautiful couple and I wish them many years of happiness as they start the next chapter of their lives together.